The Real Food Challenge

OK ... I signed up for the Real Food Challenge at The Nourished Kitchen. I've slowly drifted away from eating a mostly healthy, whole-food diet to eating whatever was quickest over the past few months. My energy levels and clothing are showing the effects of an unhealthy, fast-food diet. It's time for a change, and this challenge should be just the thing to help me along!

Here's what Jenny says about the Real Food Challenge:

From ditching the sugar to learning to love liver (well … maybe not love liver), we’ll cover it on the 28-day challenge here at Nourished Kitchen in February. Each day, for the entire month of February, you’ll receive an assignment that will help you learn about the principles of a nourishing diet including the importance of grass-finished and pastured meats, wholesome fats, sprouted and soured grains and probiotic foods.

Designed to introduce newcomers to the principles behind a wholesome, nourishing diet and to reinvigorate the energy of those who’ve been practicing traditional foods for a while, we’ll meet our goals one day at a time throughout the entire month. Learn how to stock your pantry, how to source wholesome foods, how to reduce costs, hot to mitigate antinutrients naturally present in certain foods and how to improve your diet step-by-step through nourishing, real food. Simple as it is, the 28-day challenge is designed to walk you through a transition into real food one step at a time.

So ... who else is ready to take the challenge and eat a wholesome, nourishing REAL food diet this month?


  1. I wish I could boldy exclaim "I am!" I've been eating whatever I wanted, and boy is it starting to show. I will need a lot of discipline to get off the fast-food track. So help me God...


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