Real Food Challenge Week 1 Check-In

OK, I think I did "Fair" on the first week of the Real Food Challenge. I missed a couple of assignments, but plan to incorporate those into this week if time and energy allow.

I did clean out the cupboards (all except for a few baking goodies that my daughter needed for some upcoming bake sales- we'll slowly begin making more real food desserts, too.)

I haven't done much shopping, but what little I have purchased has been whole foods- organic veggies, grains, etc.

I soaked brown rice overnight and cooked it in the oven. Very tasty.
I also soaked a pot of black beans and cooked them.

I need to buy rye flour for the sourdough starter, so that one will have to wait.

I did not sprout any grain, but that is on my list for today. I plan to sprout some wheat. I also have quinoa, I may see how that works, too.
I do have a grain mill and dehydrator, so I hope to try my hand at milling sprouted grain this week, too.

On to week 2! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this week's assignments a bit better.