New Garden Spot & A Birthday Celebration

The girls and I went to meet the Garden Director this morning to sign up for a spot in the community garden. It was cold and very, very muddy at the garden; but we slogged through the mud anyway and decided on a garden spot. There were only a few available and 2 of them were a bit waterlogged at the moment. He said we normally don't get enough rain for it to be a big problem, but I didn't want to take a chance on this being the year that it stays wet all season! Of the other 2 plots, one had some very large trees that will cause quite a bit of shade, so I opted for the last plot, which should be just fine for us. I was hoping to get 2 spots, but since this is our first year with the garden, we could only get one. The plots are supposed to be 25X30, though they really don't look that big to me. Of course, I'm not the best judge of distance, so who knows!

I'm excited about getting started in the garden and planting some of the many seeds I have sitting by my desk; but we've had rain this week, so I'll have to wait at least a week or two (sigh) before I get started planting. Oh well, at least now I can really get busy with my planning ...

though I've got to get busy cleaning and cooking for a birthday party tomorrow right at the moment. Miss Hannah will be turning 9 on Monday, and we'll be celebrating with cake and punch (and lots of food) with our family and friends tomorrow afternoon. Which means we have to make this very lived in place look a "bit" more presentable ... just so it can get really messed up again tomorrow. Oh the joy of HOMEmaking!

Off to wash dishes and cook, and wash more dishes and cook, ... and well you know how that circle keeps on turning! :)


  1. Glad to hear that you were able to secure a garden spot for yourself. Too bad you are all sick there and can't get started doing anything.

    I didn't know that Hannah and my Mark share the same birthday. Please tell her Happy Birthday for me. Eliana turns 9 om Tuesday, the 9th. Is Hannah interestd in a penpal??? :)



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