Loving Like Jesus

Loving like Jesus sometimes just means "being there" for someone.

Today I received a call from a dear friend whose aunt passed away yesterday. Her passing was expected, she lived 104 (yes, really!) years on this earth and was ready to go on to a new life with the Lord; but losing someone we love is never easy, even when it is expected and we know our loved one is in a much better place. You see, my friend and her family have been loving like Jesus themselves, caring for this lady in their home, doing all they could to make her last days comfortable and peaceful, surrounded by those she loved.

I got a text message yesterday telling me she had passed away. I answered back- praying for you. What else can one do at a time like that? Sometimes (probably more often than we realize) praying is the very best way to love someone, because God knows exactly what to do when we lift our friend in need up to Him. He is what they really need.

After praying, at least in this situation of loving like Jesus, comes just "being there". As I said, my friend called today to tell me about the funeral arrangements. When I asked what I could do she said, "Please just be there. It will help me if you and your family will be at the funeral and then afterward come with us to the church for lunch. I'll feel better if you are there." Just be there, could it be any simpler? Just be present, show your support and love by being there.

Often, like now, there are no words to make things better, there's nothing I can do to ease my friends hurting heart; but I can pray, and I can "be there" for her, loving her like Jesus by lifting her up to Him and being there for her when she needs me.

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  1. Absolutely..."being there" is a great gift, walking through grief with someone you love. Sometimes words can't fill the gap, but a friend's love can.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today -- it's nice to meet you here!


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