For You Sunshine

Taking a moment from my Monday morning chores (the maid refuses to work weekends it seems ... oh that would be me wouldn't it, nevermind) ... to spread a bit of sunshine. Speaking of sunshine, it was sunny and 75 here yesterday, and today it is c0ld and icky and "the experts" say that it may snow tomorrow, oh the joys of Texas weather!

Back to my blog sunshine... I was recently given this sunny little blog award

and I would like to pass it on to someone who always adds a bit of brightness to my days -

If you haven't read Jenny's blog before, you are missing out; she is so much fun and always has something interesting to say. (Just a little warning, be very careful about drinking tea while reading her blog... unless your computer happens to be spew proof, because she IS going to make you laugh.) Jenny is also a wonderfully generous lady and I've recently been blessed by her own delicious way of spreading sunshine-

and sweetness. (Sorry Jenny, no photo of those sweet treats, the maid is also very careless about forgetting to charge the camera batteries AND infinitely curious so she unwrapped the little goodies without waiting to take a photo. FYI they are lovely dishcloths disguised as pastries!)

Hope you enjoy your Sunshine Award, Jenny. You certainly deserve it.

And if you haven't visited Jenny before, get on over there and say Hello!

Now back to my regularly scheduled homekeeping ... I do have new dishcloths to make it that much nicer, though!


  1. Oh my Catherine. Such kind words! Thank you so much! Making you happy makes me happy! I'm pretty freakily wired that way...sigh...

    Hope your day is lovely.

    Hugs and thanks again!


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