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First in my line-up of favorite F herbs is Fennel . Fennel is a lovely plant with very airy ferny leaves that have a slight licorice flavor. Not appealing taste-wise to me as I don't like licorice; I plant it because it is pretty, but caterpillars love it!

I use fennel seed much more than the herb itself. Fennel seed is good for tummy troubles and will often send the "my tummy hurts Mommy" complaints away with just a few little seeds to be eaten. Fennel seed is often used in teas and of course in italian sausage. I read recently that fennel seed can be made into a facial toner to reduce wrinkles ... I'll have to try that one, I do believe! I'll hunt down the recipe and post it here if you're interested.

Feverfew is next in my list, and it is also a very pretty plant. Feverfew has white daisy-like flowers which is the reason I grew it in the first place. I've read that Feverfew helps with migraines, but can't attest to that one. I tried to get my husband and mother-in-love to try it, but they didn't seem very interested in eating a Feverfew leaf sandwich every day. ?

Flax, is one herb I've not grown before (I did plant some flax seeds in a pot but the neighbor dog did them in...nasty little creature); but I use the seed daily in the kitchen. Flax is where we get those fabulous fabrics- linen and flax, and strangely enough linseed oil.

Flax seeds are very nutritious and can be ground up and added to all sorts of things- cereal, baked goods, salads, etc. My favorite thing to do with Flax seeds is to toss them into my breakfast of choice- a Spinach Smoothie.

Finally, we once again have Foxglove. I know I used it for D, but it is soooo lovely, I didn't think you would mind seeing it again.

I do have one last minute addition to the list- Fo-Ti. Isn't that a fun word? Fo-Ti, I like it. OK, I am infinitely easily amused, but really check out what they say about this Fo-Ti root ... could be a helpful herb for some of us ... I'm thinking hair color here, skin rashes, calming the spirit ... not that other stuff. Ahem ... moving right along.

That's it for me today, do click on the highlighted words above to read more about these herbs; and if you use these herbs yourself, please leave a comment and tell us how you use them.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Alphabe-Thursday, drop by Jenny Matlock today to read more.


  1. FABULOUS herbs for F words! Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

  2. What interesting F's you Found today.

  3. A delight to meet you on this Fab day of f :)

  4. Wonderful, I grow Feverfew and Fennel in my herb garden. I love how you share plants each week. I posted pictures of some of the flowers I grow in my yard this week.

  5. Oh, I am so glad you said that. I always feel bad because I don't like fennel. It is lovely but I just don't ilke the flavor. And it seems to be the vegetable de jour.

    Do you have a large herb garden?

    This was a F antastic F post!


  6. Hey again! Please don't tell my husband about the Fo-Ti. He might insist I quit going to the hairdresser. A necessity with all this gray. That was extremely interesting, Catherine. I've never even heard of that one.

  7. i grow feverfew ... just because it is so pretty!

  8. Thank you so much for this valuable information! I try to learn something new each day and this post taught me several important facts. Thanks!

  9. This was a very informative "F" post Catherine! We like to eat the fennel plant, both raw and cooked. It is delicious roasted along with fish. I never heard of Fo-ti before -- fascinating!

  10. That was wonderful. I just started taking flaxseed supplements. High in omega-3. I want to so learn how to grow herbs in Austin...recommend any good books?


  11. Being a breast cancer survivor, I've read a lot of stuff about flax seeds being very good for your health.

  12. Very interesting post and good use of F words.

  13. Another green thumb, I'm guessing. Our teacher, Mrs. Matlock has one too. I bet you're just trying to score extra points so you get to be teacher's helper..... ;)

    Great F post!!

  14. What a wonderful F post! I take flax seed as a supplement, and I love foxglove! Will have to try fennel one of these days..

  15. I remember now using Fennel drinks for my kids when they were small - supposed to releive colic, thanks for reminding me! Great post!

  16. Catherine,
    Many thanks for stopping by - and what a wonderful F post you have! So much useful information!

    Already looking forward to yr next!

    Have a wonderful weekend too!



  17. I love fennel tea! I recently started buying and experimenting a little bit with the bulb as I do like the flavor but am never really sure what to do with it *L*

  18. more herbs but they do have great usage and thanks for the info

    thanks for your visit

  19. Hey, thanks for stopping to leave a message on my first Alphabet thing! (I was playing hookie) Herbs are something we all need to use! I mostly cook with them.
    I'm a new follower now too (O: So I'll be back..

  20. Hello Catherine,

    Thanks for sharing more flowers and herbs with us. I need to learn alot more about them, that's for certain!

    I have a sister that is married to a minister and they also live in TX! She makes the BEST sourdough bread! I'm thinking that she could use a little flaxseed in some of that!

    Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. We love having company!

  21. the first time I saw foxgloves for sale in a nursery I was astounded...where I grew up (oregon) they grow wild everywhere and I always considered them a weed.....they are pretty though.....I just wouldnt grow them if I had little kids as they use them to make digitalis and you wouldnt want them to eat them.......


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