C is for ...

Jenny Matlock

Clary Sage

Those are some of the C plants I have chosen for my plot in the Community Garden. It will hold a colorful mixture of whatever I can squeeze into my allotted space. Think companion planting gone crazy!

In our ministry garden, which I am naming the Communitas Garden for today (who knows it might even stick), I'm hoping to create a colorful, creative, child-friendly, community-building space where I can engage in some lively conversation with other gardeners and connect with people from the community.

Check out this cool letter C plant that I just discovered- Chocolate Flower! These are definitely on the new seed order list.

Come along, let's leave the garden and move along to a very sweet C word ... Candy (which I'm not supposed to be eating now that I've jumped in to the Real Food Challenge). Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought you might enjoy this little virtual plant tour of Necco where those famous Sweethearts candies are made. Pretty cool, huh? Though I can't eat them (they are certainly not on the real food list), I think I'm going to buy a box to use for some crafts ... what could you craft with a box of Sweethearts and a bottle of Mod Podge (i love this stuff) I wonder??? Cards. What else?

Now, I must share my newest Spanish word with you- cantar. Who knew it had so many different meanings ... I will have to be careful with this one. Sing, have smelly feet (really, that's what the dictionary says), stick out like a sore thumb... And people say the English language is complicated. I hope I don't crack up the next time our pastor says, "Vamos cantar!"

OK ... this completes my completely convoluted, corny and certainly confusing commentary on the letter C. I'm off to find some candy (chocolate would be nice) ... I promise only to eat one little piece, then I'll get right back on track with the Real Food Challenge!

Carpe Diem!

update: Coffee ... I cannot believe I forgot COFFEE (which could be why my post was so crazy and convoluted ... I needed caffeine!)


  1. I love all your C words especially the chocolate daisy. Two of my favorite things wrapped into one ;-)

  2. Oh, what wealth you are planning for your community garden. Love your chosen name... I plant many of the items you are planting.

    Have you taken a Master Gardener course in your area? I suspect you would love that.

    I did it two years ago here in Arizona and it was the most amazing thing. I learned so much...and I really learned that I always need to learn more!


  3. C ongratulations!!! These are great C words!
    Thanks for sharing! Pop on over and visit me when you have a chance.
    And be sure to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!
    Happy Alphabet Day!
    C is for Coralie

  4. Love all of your C words. A community garden sounds like such a great idea, if only my black thumb wouldn't get in the way! Thanks for your kind comment, I really want these kids to get some recognition for what they are doing. Kathy

  5. Hi Catherine
    Cool "C's"! I've helped in a community garden in my area..it's so good to harvest and eat fresh produce..wishing you a successful crop!

  6. I always love your ABC posts! My husband and I are gardeners and you just make me want to open yet another seed catalog. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. ooh! i love this C entry! and I had no idea "cantar" meant anything but sing! I learned something new! Thanks!

    and thank you for visiting my blog! I hope to read more of your's soon! :)

  8. Great post for C. Thanks for sharing your garden plans.

  9. Nice post...Chocolate Flower? I'm all over that one!

  10. I have grown the chocolate daisy's...why? because I love chocolate which my C' post is all about....Melinda Cornish with a C'

  11. Stellar gardening and even more stellar C post!

    I forgot about Coffee myself! And I can't start my day with a Cup!

  12. cantar - didn't that it also mean smelly feet - I learn something new every time I visit blogs

    thanks for your visit

  13. I had to google chocolate daisy ... not only is it pretty but it smells like chocolate! how cool is that!!! oh how i wish i had a sunny garden spot for some!


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