My Laundry Helper ~ Poky

Here is the latest creation in my quest to liven up the laundry routine, a clothespin bag. A friend told me that hanging her clothes out on the clothesline is something that she enjoys because she can hear the birds, see the garden, etc. while she's working.

I decided it might be fun to give it a try when it warms up enough that the clothes won't have to freeze dry. Taking the clothes out of the dryer is the worst part of the laundry for me anyway. If you saw my tiny laundry room you'd know why, but I'll share that with you another time.

Here's my quickie clothespin bag, which is just a tank top that trimmed the bottom off of and stitched up. I pinned my "bag" onto an old funky clothes hanger that I prettied up with some Peony Pink acrylic paint. I painted the clothespins the same shade and then gave them a swipe with some Whitewash to soften the color a bit.

Isn't he cute? I love The Poky Little Puppy.

My favorite thing about the bag is the label inside...

passing4sane ... some days I can only hope I am!


  1. Hi Catherine,
    I love your clothes pin bag. I am trying to remember what I used for one WHEN I HAD TO HANG THEM OUT and had no choice many years ago. I remember bringing in diapers that were "freeze-dried." Yea, this was before Pampers although just a few years before.

    I did have an automatic washer although it was on our back screened-in porch. I don't know what we did when the weather got below freezing--can't remember, LOL

    Yes, take the time to hang those clothes out. You will love it when it is your choice to do it. Slow down and enjoy those days. You will find that they pass much too quickly.

    And yes I love the label--



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