For the Love of Laundry

OK, I don't love doing the laundry, that's just a fact. I'm trying to learn to at least enjoy it a little bit, mainly because there's a lot of laundry to be done around here; and I'm the one who gets to do most of it. I thought maybe some new laundry things would help.

My newest adventure: Lavender Laundry & Linen Supplies

I mixed up a 2 gallon batch of liquid laundry soap, a gallon of vinegar fabric softener, a little spray bottle of linen water (not that I'll be ironing anything, but I can always spritz it on the clothes!), and a lavender dryer sachet. It all smells very nice, and even looks rather cute on the shelf ... it's not making me want to do the laundry, however! (sigh)


  1. That sounds like an awesome recipe! I'm afraid I have become quite lazy in my laundry chores. I use Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets. You just throw a sheet into the washer, and when you transfer the clothes to the dryer, the sheet then becomes a fabric softener. No more soap mess...

  2. Right, you are. The bottles look rather lovely all lined up on that shelf with those little tags. :-)

    Happy washing, my friend.


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