Contemplating Creatures

In a mouse we admire God’s creation and craft work. The same may be said about flies. Animals are the footprints of God. Adam and Eve derived the fullness of joy and bliss from their contemplation of all the animal creatures. ~ Martin Luther

In a mouse ... yes, cute little critters that they are, it is easy to admire God's creation in a mouse. In the rat(s) ? that have inhabited the walls of my house, that seem to find the spot in the wall behind wherever I'm sitting to be the perfect place to scratch and chew and make all sorts of odd noises; rats that sneak out at night to collect their dinner from the kitchen, and scare me half to death when I disturb one in its garbage can diving ... I'm not admiring this creature these days. No... not admiring rats at all. I might be able to admire them better if they would kindly remove themselves to the backyard.

Right now I'm contemplating the bliss of walking into the kitchen without the dread of seeing a rat's tail disappearing under the stove ... or reading a book without hearing the scurrying and scuttling of creatures racing about in the wall (what are they doing in there anyway?).

I'm trying to find Joy in this situation ... really I am.

p.s. my husband keeps telling me they make great pets. i'm not buying it. no, rats are not pets. not in my house.