B is for ...

Birds, Bees, Blessings and Bliss.
Don't you like those B words? I do.
Those are pretty B words, nice words.
Some other lovely words come to mind ...
Basil, Borage, Bee Balm, Bachelor's Button,
I like these names almost as well as I do the herbs and flowers themselves.

But, B is also for a word that we do not use in our house ... You know,
the B Word . I know you that know what I'm talking about
here ... but, if not here goes (Mrs. Matlock this really is PG)...
butt. OK, that's the B word.
We don't use that word in our house, because Mom doesn't like it, end of discussion.

My children started calling it "the B word" at some point, for reasons unknown to me (they have their own language OK?).

I would hear, "Mooooommmm, __________ said the B word!!!"
word, that B word.

Anyway, that brings me to my little A & B story I hinted about last week. You will need to know what "our family's" B word is before I begin.

We lived for a year (oh what a dreadfully long one it was, too) in an apartment complex a few years back. The kids in the complex soon found out that we were almost always home and either baking something yummy or outside making some sort of fabulous mess, so there was a little group of kids that liked to hang out in the breezeway near our door. They would sit on the stairs with my girls, ride their scooters, and play together.
Well, one day this little boy was sitting outside drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk with my girls when "a discussion" broke out in the next building. Being used to hearing loud "discussions" coming from that direction, I just tuned it out and went back to reading my book.

In a few moments I hear this conversation between the little boy and my middlest Love- Little boy says, "MMMMMmmmm.....she said the A word!"

To which my little Love replies, "I don't know nothin' about the A word, but I know the B word." , which receives BIG eyes, a shake of the head, and another "MMMMmmmmm!!!" from the little boy. (sigh).

I was half tempted to tell him she meant butt ... but then do you really want to have that conversation with a 6 year old? I think not. Perhaps his B word was the same as ours ... but from his reaction, I think he had another word entirely in mind, which I did not want him to say, and we'll just leave it at that!

OK, there you have it, the B Word ... now don't let me hear you saying it, OK? It's just not nice.

Be sure to drop by Jenny Matlock's blog to find out what other people's B words are!


  1. LOL! I used "buttocks" in my B post. I hope Jenny won't ban me from the meme!

  2. Growing up in our home we didn't say the "L" word (liar)lie teller was what we said instead.
    Happy B day

  3. I was a primary teacher, and I always had to keep a straight face when a child would come to a word in a passage, stop, look at me, and say, "I'm not allowed to say that word." One I can think of was "hate", but there were others like your B word too. Children are so honest!!!

  4. LOVE this post! What a great story to remember!

  5. We have words we can't say here too! They are too ugly to repeat! Wonderful post! Brilliant!

  6. Cute post and a great use of the B word LOL.

  7. This is a cute post! Loved your description of the kids hanging around your hallway for treats and fun. Have a great day. Kathy

  8. Very cute story. I'll try and rmember never to use the B word.

  9. So cute! My granddaughter tricked me into asking her why trees had the "b" word...and then she promptly told me she was going to tattle on me. Geez. Can't win with little kids sometimes! Thanks for B-ing so funny! A+ for you!

  10. Great post. I love the apartment story. I would have let it slid also. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my post.

  11. Very cute post! I remember Jenny's blog post about the "b" word...lol...she is hysterical!

  12. Charming! Children add the best things to everyday living!


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