Wish Books

My favorite "wish books" are those gorgeous seed catalogs that start appearing in my mail box about now.
Oh how many hours I can spend reading the descriptions of all the beautiful and delicious things there are to grow!

I dream big and always start with way more than I have space, time, or energy to grow on the first draft of my To Grow List. Slowly, reality sinks in and I have to pare down that endless garden list to what I can realistically maintain, but it is fun to dream!

I always include at least one or two new things to try each year. That's part of the adventure of gardening, and if it doesn't work out so well ... there's always next season! I hope to plant at least one or two kinds of fruit trees in containers this year as my "new venture". Deciding what to grow isn't going to be easy ... bananas, I think, and maybe plums ... figs ... peaches ... ???

I usually have at least part of my seed order placed by now, but our recent move has thrown everything a bit out of whack. In all honesty, I don't even know where I'm going to garden this year. Our backyard will require much trimming of trees and bushes and a lot of soil improvement before anything will thrive there. I'm not sure my landlord will be impressed if I dig up the front yard to plant my garden...especially since we haven't committed to dwelling in this place long-term (it isn't as close to our ministry area as we would like). We have plans for a community garden ministry but as of yet, no lot to garden on (though we are confident that the Lord will provide one for us) .... Lots of questions, no concrete answers as of yet; but this I do know, I WILL HAVE A GARDEN "SOMEWHERE"! Ideally, a family garden and a ministry garden (or 2 or 3)!

If you have a garden, please remember to plant an extra row or two for those who aren't fortunate enough to have a garden of their own. Share the harvest, share your extra seeds or seedlings, teach someone the joy of growing their own food!

And since I started this ramble about my wish books, here are a few of my favorite seed catalogs:

Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds of Change
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Horizon Herbs
Renee's Garden
Botanical Interests

Where do you order seeds from? If you have a favorite seed company, please share ... I can always use another wish book!


  1. Same here! I get so excited when they come and want to order everything!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  2. Love the seed catalogs. For sheer pretty I still like plain old Parks Seeds. I took a master gardener class here several years ago and it was, and continues to be, an interesting and fun journey to discovering new things. Might be worthwhile to see if something like that is available in your area. Oh gosh, and Schumway is super interesting to read. Their catalogs are quite a trip.


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