What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

Have you ever asked that question? To yourself ... or to Jesus himself?

That is exactly what I am doing this season ... focusing on what Jesus wants for His birthday, instead of what I want or what my family and friends want.

Oh, yes, there will be some gifts for others as well. We have the Giving Tree for guests to choose a little something from, and I am attempting to create some small but special things for my girls (that's an interesting adventure in itself), and we will be baking some goodies to share with friends and family.

But, the focus is on giving to Jesus, since it is His birthday, after all.

I'm still in the planning stages here, and I've got plenty of time because it is only the 14th of December ... but, here are a couple of "gifts for God" that are on our list:

Blankets for those who attend church in the park - so they can focus on hearing the Good News rather than getting warm (a need mentioned by the pastor who meets his friends there each Sunday to worship, whether the weather be hot & sunny or cold & rainy)

Cookies & Cocoa - our family plans to share a few cookies and a cup of cocoa with our friends at the homeless shelter on either Christmas eve or Christmas day ... still have a few details to work out and a lot of cookies to bake, but that's the plan

A few small gifts to be given to whomever Jesus prompts us to share them with- little gift bags containing a bit of candy, a few dollars, and some really Good News

We will also be purchasing a gift or two from one of these catalogs:

Gospel for Asia

World Vision


And ... well, I'll let you know what else Jesus asks for!

The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

If you would like to see how others are celebrating Jesus' birthday in a whole new way this year, visit Christmas Change today.

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  1. You give to Jesus ... and you give to us by inspiring us to do the same.

    You are a beautiful, beautiful soul.


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