'Tis the Season ...

Giving thanks for the sights, sounds, and scents of the season today ...

Christmas tree decorated with twinkling lights, cinnamon/apple hearts, and little bits of love

cinnamon-scented candle flickering on the table (a birthday gift from my beloved)

candy canes

ringing bells

Christmas music (favorite songs repeating ... over, and over, and ...)

red & green paper chains

handmade Peace dove brought home from church yesterday

Advent "calendar" hanging from kitchen beam ... little bags filled with a treat from an old-fashioned candy store and an ornament for the Jesse tree

Jesse tree ornaments from The Glorious Coming (buy the book, you will be blessed... I'll be anxiously awaiting the re-write as well)

I have a little tree waiting for these, but I am enjoying the "timeline view" of His Story for now. Perhaps that will be our Christmas day activity, transferring the ornaments from the line to the tree. I think we'll leave them out for a while, perhaps all year. I need to be ever mindful of the story ... ALL of HIS Story, lest I get caught up in my own little story and lose my proper perspective. This is a great visual reminder that the story is much bigger, much more glorious than I can even grasp. The Story of His Love for Us.

Thank You Father, for your endless gifts, big and small. Thank You most of all for the greatest gift of all ... Jesus.

May our gifts to Jesus and to others because of Jesus this season reflect our gratitude for the grace You have so lovingly bestowed upon us.

Giving thanks with the multitudes today. Won't you join us? Drop by Holy Experience and join the Gratitude Community.

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  1. Your list brought a smile to my face. What a joyful time of year this is. Blessings!

  2. Love your list -- and your photos to go with.

    Those "red and green paper chains" bring back a string of childhood thanks. Thank you, THANK YOU, for stirring up that memory, my friend!


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