Garden and Christmas Ramblings

I loved this article on the benefits of small space gardening: Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet .
The author's website has much to offer as well- gorgeous photos, articles, recipes, and more: Rosalind Creasy .
I'm ready to spend an afternoon curled up with a cup of tea, a few seed catalogs, and my Garden Wish List! I'm also thinking about starting seeds indoors ... very, very soon.

And now back to my simple Christmas plans ... I think we'll bake sugar cookies today, since it is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g outside, and I'll certainly not be going anywhere until the thermometer rises another 25 degrees or so. Perhaps we will roll the dough, cut out shapes and decorate them with icing and/or sprinkles; or maybe we'll just make balls of dough, roll them in sugar and smash them down with a glass (or our fingers). They'll taste delicious and be eaten with joy, no matter what they look like!

My motto this season is one I try to live by throughout the year: Simplify, Simplify!

Christmas sometimes doesn't feel so simple to me (I hate the crowds, shopping malls, and all of the hype that comes with the season these days). I've determined not to let it become a burden this year; but rather keep it the joy-filled time to remember the birth of the Joy Giver that it should be.

I'll be attempting to spread a bit of joy myself, but in simple ways that don't stress me or our family budget!

Cookies - simple or fancy, tasty just the same and when made with love ... a blessing!
Cards - simple child (and mommy) crafted ones made with great love ... and lots of glitter(!)
Caring- simply taking time to listen, really listen, to those lonely souls who just need a listening ear, and perhaps a silent prayer. (If you pay attention, you will find them most everywhere. Amazing what joy this brings, to the listener as well as the speaker, and I know you'll learn some very interesting things, as well. Try this with a child ... oh the things they think!)

May your hearts and homes be filled with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love this season!