A Living Sign

For you, who encourage, challenge, and bless me with the stories of your radical giving, your Christmas Change...

live the gospel

A Living Sign

I know not always how God comes,
but that God comes- this I know.
in an obscure stable,
in splashing waters,
in the breaking of bread
and often, my friend,
incarnate in you,
for God, I believe, still comes in the flesh, in

Now and always
may the Christ in you
keep you
a sign of living love
and love living among us.
-Bonnie B. Belasic

And now, I must get into the kitchen and begin the baking marathon. We've promised our friends at the shelter cookies and hot chocolate tomorrow, and I really don't want to show up with 400 Buckeyes, so I must get to it.

Blessed Christmas to you and yours!


  1. Merry Christmas to you Catherine.

  2. This was a perfect poem.
    I'm sorry I missed it earlier.
    Wishing you continued holiday blessings and a Happy New Year.


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