Blessings Abound

holy experience
Giving thanks today in community today.
For your many gifts Lord, the abundant blessings ... thank you.
A party to celebrate the first birthday of a little one who the doctors didn't expect to do well (if she lived at all) ... let alone thrive!
Peeking into the sanctuary yesterday to see if our extended family had arrived, and seeing my father-in-law in the pew surrounded by his grandchildren. No small miracle, as this is the 2nd time that he's been to church in 14 years.
Prayer ... watching my father-in-law walking down the hallway to the pastor's office yesterday with a group of men (and the miracle that he actually willingly went with them)... Later hearing my husband tearfully share how these precious men of God lifted up his father (who isn't a Christian, yet) to the Lord, and how my husband only happened to go into the office by chance, as the gentleman he was talking with was called for...he had no idea he would find his father there, surrounded by godly men, praying for him. Hearing how he saw the evidence of the work of the Spirit as his father left that office in tears. Praise you Father, for obedient, Spirit-led men of God!
A legacy handed down. Hearing the passionate words of a young man at church last night as he stood up and shared how thankful he was for the church, that he was welcomed and accepted, and felt at home; and then shared how he would not forget the legacy that his father left him, that he was raised better than he was living, and was right then turning to Christ and living for Him ... a poor retelling of a beautiful moment to be sure. But, a very clear reminder that those words of Proverbs ring true- Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. And also these words from Ephesians 6:4 -
Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Clearly, this young man's father heeded these commands, and though his son wandered away; his father's teaching, and the work of the Spirit brought him back home.
Obedience to the Lord's voice, as our pastor stood up last night and said, "God said, "Let my people speak tonight, you will be surprised by what you hear." so I have no sermon for you. I want some of you to tell not only what the Lord has done for you, but why that makes you want to do something for Him." The testimony of the young man above is only one of the amazing things that were brought forth last night. All because one man chose to listen to that small voice and obey. May I be so quick to move out of my comfort zone and obey His voice!
Monday morning mess - a sign of family life, and lots of it!
Singing birds
Autumn breezes
Cousins giggling
Tea kettle boiling
Holiday preparations
A few moments to think and write, and give thanks
For these blessings, Father, thank you. May I in turn be a blessing to others.
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