To Live in Hope, Joy, and Celebration

We can only live the changes we wish to see: we cannot think our way to humanity. Every one of us, every group, must become the model of that which we desire to create.
We must break the obsolete social and economic systems that divide the world between the over-privileged and the under-privileged.
Each of us, whether government leader or protester, business executive or worker, professor or student, share a common guilt.
We have failed…through our lack of responsible awareness…and thus added to suffering around the world.
All of us are cripples—some physically, some mentally, some emotionally. We must, therefore, strive cooperatively to create a new world.
There is no time left for destruction, for hatred, for anger. We must build, in hope and joy and celebration. ~Ivan Illich (1926-2002), Celebrations of Awareness, 1971

Pondering those words today...

What does the Lord require? (That one I know- Micah 6:8)
How do I walk this out?
How do I live the changes I wish to see?
How do I build in hope?
In joy?
In celebration?

Questions...lots of questions.
The Lord's answer: Isaiah 58

Help me, help all of your children Lord, to
bring life to the waste places,
bring healing and hope to the hopeless,
live and build in hope, joy, and celebration...for You, because of You!


  1. Awesome, awesome post. Thank you. Isaiah 58 really spoke to me this morning. There is so much Jesus work to be done, and I want to get started!

  2. "Building" always sounds good to me!

    Thanks for visiting me!


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