New Beginnings

Pondering this beautiful post and the Lord's timing today. Ann has such a lovely way of expressing her thoughts, it's always a joy to read her words.
Today's entry touched me deeply, as the Jewish New Year will also be a day of new beginnings for my family. As only the Lord can do, He orchestrated it beautifully without me having a clue until I read today's post at Holy Experience.
You see, on Saturday my husband and I have a very important meeting. In our realm, it is called a Church Planter Assessment. What that means is that we get to spend the hours from 12:00-3:00 pm answering lots of questions from our local director of missions, a representative from our state convention, a fellow pastor, and perhaps others. It promises to be somewhat nerve wracking for this woman who prefers the comfort of a backspace button to correct her frequent errors of speech. Nevertheless, this assessment will help these gentlemen see where we are in regards to our church plant, and prayerfully will encourage the entities represented to provide my husband with financial support so that he may spend more time on ministry and less time working 2 jobs to provide for his family.
Regardless of what happens in the assessment (which we have been assured will go great, no worries), this new season promises to be one of great change and challenge for us. Some changes have already taken place, many more will come in just a few short weeks, and I know the Lord has some planned that He will surprise us with at just the right time!
In light of the new year, the new season, I think a celebration is in order. I'll be perusing the links in Ann's post again and reading my copy of Celebrating Biblical Feasts to put together a little Rosh Hashanah observance for our family.
If your family observes the Biblical feasts and holidays, I'd love to hear how you celebrate them.
And, if the Holy Spirit leads ... Would you whisper a little prayer for us in the coming days?


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