Gifts of Grace

Giving thanks today for gifts of grace that are priceless...

Words...beautiful words in a tattered volume...gifted to my husband by a loving Mother, who was given this grace story by her own loving parents years ago.


Love-filled words from mother to son. Yes, wise Mother this is indeed the most wonderful gift he will ever receive from you; and we pray someday you will truly take the grace message of the Word of Life into your own heart.

Tattered treasures from a book sale. So many lovely books to choose from and I chose these time-worn volumes that promise many hours of enjoyment.


Ginger ready to's been growing and multiplying under the soil while I paid no attention. Some things grow best without any "fussing over" from me. May the seeds of faith I plant in my children's life grow and multiply as quickly...


Jewel-like raindrops suspended in sunshine...oh the blessing of rain we received!


cloudy skies



umbrellas sheltering giggling girls

cool breezees ushering in a new season

smoke from autumn fires


For these gifts I give thanks to You, the Giver of All Good Gifts. I thank you for the blessings big and small that you bestow on us so freely. Thank you most of all for the greatest need fulfilled!

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  1. Your pictures and words just shine!
    I'm a little late getting to some of these posts, but so glad I didn' t miss yours.


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