Building a House of Prayer

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Building a house of prayer is much like building a house of stone or wood. Start with a firm foundation-Jesus; and build stone by stone...moment by moment, day by day, prayer by prayer. Your house of prayer will stand firm and be a refuge and protection for your soul and your family when storms of life come; just as a well-built home will protect you and your family when thunderstorms rage outside its walls.


Prayer flows throughout our house daily. From the first silent prayers offered as I wake each morning..."Thank You, Father for this day... I love You, Lord." Some days it is "Oh, HELP me, Lord!" because, though thankful for another day, I'm not ready just yet to face it.

As I wander into the kitchen and start water for coffee, I lift my husband up to the Lord, "Help him, protect him, bless him this day".

After he leaves for work and the girls resettle in for a little more sleep, I begin my morning time with God. I read from a devotional and the Bible, pray for my family and friends, sometimes I journal, sometimes I just sit and breathe out whatever is heaviest on my heart at the moment, and wait for Him to fill me...

Prayer is exhaling the spirit of man and inhaling the spirit of God. ~ Edwin Keith

We pray together during the day. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we give thanks for our food, and lift up other concerns, prayer needs we are aware of...not always, some days, a very quick, "Thank You for this food, Amen." is all you will hear.

I often get calls or emails throughout the day requesting prayer, and we lift those up as they come...
We pray with family and friends who visit our home, and have hosted cottage prayer meetings for our church family.

We pray together as a family before bed, a ritual started years ago, and one that the children will not allow to be skipped, ever. Gathered round on the living room floor, my husband reads a Bible passage or missionary story, and then we pray; each taking a turn if we feel like verbalizing our prayers. Some nights all pray aloud, some evenings one person or more chooses to keep their prayers between them and the Lord. But we pray together as a family, every night.

One room of our house of prayer still requires work...My husband and I struggle with praying together, just the two of us. I don't know why, we certainly communicate well enough any other time...but there is always this...tension there. It is something we must work through and get over; as more than ever, we need to pray together. I've read other posts today that tell a similiar story of the struggle to pray with a spouse... Join me in prayer that this struggle be put to rest, and prayer, pure and genuine, would flow freely for those who have this problem?

This is the cry of my heart today:

Psalm 86
Hear, O LORD, and answer me,
for I am poor and needy.
Guard my life, for I am devoted to you.
You are my God; save your servant who trusts in you.
Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I call to you all day long.

Lord, your child is poor and need of You and Your help, even in prayer. Help me to continue building this house of prayer, one that trusts in and honors You in all things. I pray as I call to You all day long, You will be blessed by the outpouring of your child's heart to You.

Lord, I pray for myself and my sisters who struggle with praying with our us, heal this rift Lord, break the strongholds that keep our mouths closed, and our hearts afraid to open up and reveal the cry in them. Lord, help our husbands also open up and pray freely with us.
Lord, as you have joined us together, husband and wife, one flesh; join our hearts in one cry to You. Amen

For more on Building a House of Prayer, visit Holy Experience today. Ann's grace-filled words will bless and encourage you.


  1. Building a house of prayer with you sweet one. Your words touched me and encouraged me to keep building and making sure my foundation is level, onlly on the solid Rock.

    Blessings from the mission field,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. I can sense that prayer exudes out of you very naturally. It's a blessing to read your post. And to pray the prayer with you for those of us who want to pray more freely with our spouses. Thank you.


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