Book Review ~ The Gift Of Psalms

The Word of Promise
The Gift Of Psalms

Devotional Wisdom from 50 of the Best Loved Psalms

The Gift of Psalms is a book of 50 Psalms adapted from the New King James version of the Bible. It contains devotional passages written by Lori Jones for each psalm. Also included in a storage area in the back of the book are 3 compact discs which have 30 of the psalms and the corresponding devotionals on them.

This is a nice gift book. It has a nice layout and design, and is a hardback book with heavy weight pages. Each 2 page spread has the psalm on one side and the devotional and a prayer on the facing page. The 3 compact discs contain 30 of the psalms and devotionals read by people such as: Michael York, Gary Sinise, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Dreyfus, and others. The different voices make it interesting, and the background music is pleasant. All in all, this is a very well put together book, excellent quality in both the book and the discs. Would make a nice gift or devotional book.

Here is a link to the product page for this book: The Gift of Psalms