Spring Seed Sowing

I love, love, love this time of year!
The girls and I spent the morning sowing seeds. We planted Sugar Snap peas along one side of the garden fence, Borage just inside the garden gate, Lovage in one corner of the garden, and a new planting of Radishes and Chard.

We also planted some seeds in containers and little starter pots- Parsley, Calendula, Basil, Nasturtiums, Dill, Salad Burnet, Shallots, Leeks, Sweet Rocket, Clary Sage......I'm sure there were a couple of other things, but I can't remember what they were.

We also scattered some wildflower seed around the trees in the Community Garden plot. We have 36 tomatoes in the ground and 36 more waiting in the greenhouse, along with peppers of several varieties. We've been promised seed from a local source for other veggies: cucumber, green beans, squash etc. Those will get planted in a few weeks...as soon as we get the planting area prepared! Once we get the main plantings done, I'll add in herbs and flowers here and there to help keep pests at bay, and well, just because I like them! Besides, I know I would be very happy to get not only some great veggies from the Community Garden, but also a nice bunch of herbs or flowers, as well.

Rain should be coming our way tomorrow. I certainly hope so, because we really, really need it.

I'm tempted to go back out and see what else I can find to plant, but I think I really should be getting dinner started instead ;) .


  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful just to play in the dirt. It's mud season here. Frost is still coming out of the ground, and we have had two ice storms in three days. Spring is trying to come, but winter is holding on. At a perky 6:46 it is 15 degrees, 2 degrees windchill, and slicker than snot.

  2. What you've done sounds wonderful so far. You are so much further ahead of me. I just now about two days ago got my seeds planted in the seedling trays. I am doing my first container garden this year. I am so excited about it. The kids are already asking me if the seeds I just planted indoors are ready to take outdoors. LOL.


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