Spring Fever

It is that time of year...Spring is definitely in the air around here.
With the lovely warm days and the sudden greening of things comes the Fever, that urge to grow things, plant seeds, repot the container plants, and last but never least is the beckoning of those little pots of herbs, flowers, and veggies, all calling out, "Buy me, buy me!". I passed a feed store yesterday and there was the rack of little green things drawing me in. I just had to circle the block, and stop and take a look at the herbs and other plants.

I was strong, I didn't buy a thing. Honestly it was because the girls had opted to stay in the truck and finish their lunch while I popped out and looked at the plants. But, the calling of the green things affects them as it does their mother, and slowly, one by one they begged permission to get out and look (and touch and sniff), too. Having another appointment, I knew we would be late if we didn't get moving, choosing the right plant is a time-consuming business. We left the beautiful little pots of life for another day...like Saturday morning, there's a Sweet Marjoram with the most delicious scent that I simply must have, they don't all smell so lovely and I really, really like that one!