On Living the Simple Life

Since starting this blog, I've not written much about Simplicity or Living Simply, as my blog title indicates. I guess I just try to do it, and don't think about writing about it much these days.

I have been pondering living even more simply and just how to accomplish that goal lately. By most people's standards, my family lives very simply; but I'm not so very concerned (OK, I'm really not concerned at all) about other people's standards. What I am concerned about is God's standards, and His desires for me and "mine".

With that in mind, I am going to begin prayerfully making some changes around here. Our grocery budget needs some work, and that means I will need to do more "work" in the kitchen so that there are meals prepared or that can be put together quickly on days that I don't have the time, energy, or desire to cook. Fast food is horrible for the budget and the body, and I've had far too much of it lately.

Budgeting in general needs a much more disciplined approach, especially as we are looking at possibly even more time on a limited income. My dh is a bi-vocational minister (which much of the time means "volunteer"), and his factory job that pays the bills has had serious hourly cuts.

Though a home/farm of our own is a common desire in our family; we are renting now, and may need to do so for a while longer. I am praying that if this be the case, we can at least find a rental that will allow us to have a few "critters", a larger garden space, and be a place that we can dwell in for a while. I am so sick of moving, that it isn't even funny. 9 times in 13 years is just too much, I'm sorry!

The house we live in now was supposedly going to provide those things; but it is not happening, for many reasons. No matter how simply you live, packing a family of 5, along with 3 birds, a "homeschool" and all of its necessary items, books, books, and more books, and the bare minimum of everything else, into a very small 2 bedroom mobile home is maddening. I also have to find room for a baby bed and other necessary baby items for my niece who stays with me during the day. She's tiny now, so she can nap anywhere, but that won't last long.

Life has not been so simple lately, and I am ready for that to change.


  1. Sometimes it seems the simple life isn't so simple to me. I've found the more I try to simplify my life it seems the more work is involved. LOL. Hang in there and someday God will provide you with that larger home in the country.

  2. This post just keeps urging me to respond. The 9 moves in 13 years really hit home but in a different way. We lived in the same house for 13 years; moving in was our honeymoon. Then we kept longing for the country, an acreage, critters, etc. So, while the kids were still young we left hubby's job of 16 years with incredible benefits and moved... three times in 9 months. This was very difficult, especially to a couple that obviously doesn't change easily. We now live on an acreage in the country with critters and a large garden. The acreage seems too small to actually do anything with profit wise. The critters all eat lots, poop lots, and provide no income whatsoever. The garden seems to grow weeds much better than anything else. We have what we seemed to always want, but it sometimes doesn't feel like it. So, reading your post about yearning for what we have and knowing how we can be so frustrated with what we have or not have, gives me that good ole' slap in the face that I and everyone need once in a while -- "If you can't have what you really want, than it's time to want what you already have." Thank you for reminding me that we are all blessed, even though we don’t always see it... we just have to open our eyes. Next time, I will laugh harder when I slip on smelly peacock poop and smile and wave proudly as the neighbor drives by while I round up the loose horse in my jammies. Life is good.


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