Happy Birthday to Me!

I spent part of the morning doing a little birthday shopping....for me! My birthday was a few days ago, and my dear husband told me he had put aside $$$ for me to get some things I truly wanted for my birthday. (He began offering to let me do my own shopping the year I declared I only wanted seeds for my birthday and Christmas.) "Unless, of course, I would rather him take the girls shopping and come home with all sorts of lovely, but maybe not what I really would like treasures." I quickly opted to do my own shopping, and since I've always got a long list of books and other little things I'd like to have.....someday, it didn't take long for me to decide.

Here is what I will be anxiously waiting for the postman to deliver:

Some delicious sounding soaps from my sweet friend Dalyn at Hick Chicks Soap Barn . I chose the Rosemary Buttermilk Complexion Bar and the In The Raw Goat Milk Soap. I've also got my eye on a couple that aren't cured yet, so I'll be ordering Winter Grapefruit and the Men's Shaving Suds Bar when those are ready.


Lettuce Poppy and Sweet Rocket seeds from Tasha Tudor and Family.
I love poppies, and the scented Sweet Rocket was too tempting to pass up!

I've still got a little money for a book or two, as well. Fun!


  1. You are such a dear, precious woman *U* Here's to you and a very happy birthday I hope!


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