Friday Show & Tell

Show and Tell
Below are some photos of some crockery pieces and a set of canisters that I just love. Right now they are on a bookshelf in the dining area. We're still getting settled in to our new home, and things are a bit "out of order" yet.

The canisters on the top shelf were made for my husband and me for our first Christmas together. A friend made them and sent them to us from Florida. When we opened the box, one of the lids was nowhere to be found. When our friend heard the sad news, she made us another lid, but the little sunflower decal on the top is just a bit diffrent from the others. I like it that way, makes things more interesting! Also, if you notice, one of the sunflowers on the front of the canisters looks different; if you turn the canister around they match up. My photography skills need some work! But, this is honestly how things look around here most of the time. The lid on the far right one is crooked because its stuffed full of dried herbs, also awaiting a permanent home.

The photo isn't great, but there is a bowl and a covered casserole dish on the bottom shelf. I have another small bowl and a bean pot that have yet to be unpacked. These came from Grandma Love's kitchen.

These salt & pepper shakers belonged to my husband's Grandmother. Grandma Love was quite the cook in her day, and I imagine these got lots of use.....especially the pepper shaker from what I've been told!

These rather dusty crocks (oops) were snatched up at the Salvation Army store for $1.50! I need to find seals for the 2 smaller ones and then plan to put seeds or dried herbs in them.

Hope you enjoyed my little Show & Tell. Do stop by Kelli's House for more Friday Show & Tell posts.


  1. I had those same crocks. Brings back memories. I'm glad you're getting settled.

  2. I have the same little brown canisters! Love them, but your sunflower ones are gorgeous. How sweet of your friend to remake the lid and I'm with you, I like something a little unique!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks so homey! I love your sunflowers, and browns together! Thanks for sharing today:)

  4. Also, we have your same shelf, made by hubby in high school!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love sunflowers, and anything to do with them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your crockery collection!


  7. I love the sunflower crocks. Thanks for showing us:)
    Linda C

  8. I love your canisters. Sunflowers are so cheery.

  9. Lovely canisters, Catherine! I love the sweet salt and pepper shakers.

  10. Your canisters are so pretty...sunflowers are my favorites...very nice crocks too...I rememberr years ago, my Dad used to buy cheese that came on crocks like that...ahh, another memory...thanks!


  11. The sunflower canisters are really special being made by a gift from a friend.

  12. what sweet canisters & crocks , great show--n-tell

  13. Those little s & p shakers are so cute!

    Thanks for dropping by to see my navitities!


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