Simply Inspiring Idea

I enjoy reading the City Farmgirl Blog from Mary Janes Farm. Today's post, titled Letting Go was quite inspiring. I love Rebekah's idea which makes the act of letting go both memorable and tangible. Check out The City Farmgirl blog to read about it!

I am putting this idea into action today...a few leaves from the oak tree out front, and a visit to the lake later today........I can see those leaves floating down to the water from the cliffs above now! (What if one ends up in a fishing boat???....oh that could be funny.....can you just imagine some fisherman pulling out a leaf that says lose 10 lbs.!.....I could have some fun with that one, but I'm supposed to be letting go of negative things, not sending messages to clueless fisherpeople, I'll just stop thinking now ;).......) Perhaps burning the leaves in the campfire would be a better idea...