Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell

I'm a little late getting my show & tell posted, but here it is...better late than never!

This green glass juicer came from my husband's grandmother.

Grandma Love's homeplace was filled with treasures such as this, and she was always so very generous to me and gave me anything that I admired! I loved this juicer at first glance, and she gave me not only this one, but a clear one as well!

She was indeed a kindred spirit, and is dearly missed. I think of her generous nature every time I see or use the juicer.

Thanks for visiting my Friday Show & Tell.

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  1. Very nice memories...

    Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. Ohh - I'm puckering just looking at the lemon, but I love your dish!

    It makes me think of home-ec classes - we had to use those. Now they have machines that take up 3/4 of your free counter space.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. What a pretty juicer, Katherine. And how nice that it was a gift from such a special person.

  4. What a lovely treasure to remind you of your special grandma.


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