S'More Cookies

These sound soooooo yummy, I'm putting the ingredients on my shopping list!
No, I don't think they qualify as whole food, healthy food,...or even real food, but I just know they will taste great!

1 jar Marshmallow cream
24 graham cracker squares
3 bags chocolate chips

*my note- That would make a lot of cookies, so if not planning on giving as gifts, perhaps just start with a few graham crackers and one bag of chips.

Spread thick layer of Marshmallow cream between 2 graham cracker squares. Melt chips and dip sandwiches into chocolate, covering all sides. Cool on waxed paper and enjoy!
I copied the recipe from a neat book, but I can't remember the title at the moment...I'll dig it out of the library basket and post it later. It has lots of recipes and gift ideas, even gift tags to copy for your gifts!

In my efforts to eat healthy, I often try to tweak a recipe to make it more wholesome, so...
here's how I would change it if so inclined:
carob chips or at least cane juice sweetened chocolate chips
homemade graham crackers and marshmallows- Mary Jane's Idea book, Cookbook, Lifebook has recipes for both!
But, for now, I'll just enjoy the junk food version and try to do better next time !