On Letting Go

In this post I shared a lovely idea for letting go, letting go of the negative thoughts, emotions, ideas that seem to pop up all too often in my life.

I did follow through with my plan last weekend. Here are a few photos:

Here is the spot I chose.

Here are my leaves, marked with things I chose to let go of.

And, here in the top left corner of this photo, are my leaves flying in the wind...down, down, down to the water below.

A good idea, and an enjoyable act, letting go. I walked away lighter after letting my burden of negativity fly away.

And yet, in the wee hours of this morning, I found myself once again struggling with the very things I had sent flying into the wind last week. They seem to have come flying back into my heart and mind.

But, today, this moment, I will send those things away for good. Perhaps I need to do what the original post suggested and burn them.

Yes, consumed by fire may be the answer. I think I am the one who needs consuming...by the fire of the Holy Spirit. When filled with that refining fire, surely any negative messages will be consumed in the fire of His Love. Yes, that is the answer.

Lord, today I ask that your Holy Spirit come and renew my mind, cleanse me and purify me, take away what is not of You; take away the anger, the fear, the hurt; take away my heart of stone and replace it with a heart filled with your Love.

More on the fire of the Holy Spirit: Leonard Ravenhill - Baptism of Fire

Trusting in His Grace,